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Linda McDonald Locker

Linda McDonald

Welcome to Mrs. Mc Donald's Class!

My name is Linda McDonald, and I teach 3rd grade. I became an Isleton Tiger full time in 1992, and have remained a Tiger for the past 26 years.  I feel very blessed to have found Isleton. I grew up in a small community so Isleton was a perfect fit for me. I adore 3rd grade and feel very fortunate to work in such a caring and close knit community. I know every parent wants what is best for their child. I am dedicated to each child's learning and enjoying helping them with the steps to success. Please always feel free to come by and speak to me if the need arises. Go Tigers! Roar!


Five Interesting Facts About Me:


1) I was born a twin. I have 1 older brother and 1 older sister.

2) My husband and I enjoy going to new places/ festivals. I love spending time near the ocean.

3) I enjoy all parts of gardening, including plants and flowers.

4) I have always been and will continue to be an avid reader.

5) I would not survive long if I did not have a good book to read. 


What We Learn in 3rd Grade:


We extend and build on important skills learned in the previous grades. We learn all about multiplication and division in Math. In reading we delve deeper into text structure and the many layers of a story. We answer the why's within a story. 


I Believe...

That every child given the opportunity can have success in their learning.