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Isleton Elementary has several students with mild to severe nut allergies. We are kindly requesting families refrain from sending their children to school with nut products. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our students safe. A healthy nut-free snack list is posted in the office.



General Information


Horas / Hours:           8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.   

                                lunes - viernes / Monday - Friday


Isleton Elementary School is committed to providing high-quality education to our diverse student body. We achieve our goals through a challenging curriculum, quality teachers, and an atmosphere that emphasizes communication and cooperation. Together, these elements create a safe and engaging learning environment in which all students can excel.

  • School District: River Delta Joint Unified School District
  • CDS Code: 34674136033666
  • Principal:  Antonia Slagle 
  • Grades: Pre-6
  • Students Enrolled: 170 k-6 16 Pre

Mission & Vision

Dedication to Excellence and Student Achievement

Isleton Elementary School is committed to equipping our students with the tools they need for academic, personal and social achievement. 

We enable every student to reach their highest potential by establishing a curriculum that meets or exceeds government standards for education;  by providing extracurricular programs that develop our students' mental, physical and social skills; and by partnering with parents and the community to create an environment geared to the success of our students. 

The Vision of Isleton Elementary School

The aim of Isleton Elementary School is to graduate responsible and productive citizens with strong critical thinking and academic skills by providing a rigorous, dynamic, comprehensive curriculum delivered in partnership with the community, family and a competent, qualified staff in a safe and caring environment.

Our teachers and staff work hard to provide the best educational experience for our students. Parent partnership is a high priority and is essential for student success. Isleton Elementary School has a rich tradition of outstanding student achievement and we provide a sound, standards-based education, while promoting high moral character of all students.

We have developed this website to be a valuable resource for our school community and hope you visit on a regular basis as well as participate in the educational process of your children. Strong school board and administrative leadership, excellent teachers and staff, positive parental involvement and community support enables all students to reach high academic standards.

We are committed to moving forward and continuing to pledge our best effort on behalf of your children.

Visitor Policy

Parents are welcome to visit their child's classroom anytime. To ensure visitations are productive for both school and visitor, please follow these guidelines:

  1. All visitors must register in the school office (Ed. Code Section 32211) prior to visiting the classroom or playground.
  2. Wear a visitor identification sticker in a visible place.
  3. Provide prior notice to teachers and staff to arrange appropriate times and days.
  4. Set up a time before or after school to discuss your observation with the teacher, not during class time.

School policy does not permit children (students from other schools, friends, relatives) to visit the classroom for the day.

We ask that you do not interrupt the classroom schedule by going directly to the classroom. All contacts with students should be made through the school office.


Isleton Elementary School has several students who have mild to severe nut allergies. We are kindly asking you to refrain from sending your child to school with nut products. We are taking every precaution to keep children safe, and we ask for your support. Thank you. 


Escuela Isleton tiene varios estudiantes que tienen leves a severas alergias a las nueces. Por favor, abstenga de enviar a su hijo a la escuela con productos de frutos secos. Estamos tomando todas las precauciones para proteger a los niños, y le pedimos su apoyo. Gracias.




Before & After School

Playground supervision at Isleton Elementary begins at 7:40 a.m.  For your children’s safety, students should not arrive on campus before that time. At the end of the school day, students are expected to leave the school grounds immediately unless they are attending the on-site after school program. This includes our preschool/kinder playground area.

General Rules

  •  Respect school property and private property.
  • Use equipment appropriately and safely.
  •  Leave all toys, games, and personal items at home.
  • Students will use appropriate language at all times.
  • Hitting, kicking, wrestling, rough-housing and play fighting and unsafe play are not allowed.
  • No one can be excluded from any game unless the playground supervisors have granted permission.
  • Students are allowed to make positive comments only to peers (no put-downs).
  • Disputes are resolved by a vote of all participating players.
  •  Chase or tag games are only allowed on the grass.
  •  No playing behind the backstop or trees. Do not climb on fences or trees.
  •  Do not hit balls against buildings or classrooms.
  •  No standing on the tables.
  • Bathrooms are not for playing.

Play Structure/Bark Area Guidelines

  • Walk in the bark.
  • Keep frisbees, balls and toys out of the bark.
  • No jumping off any bars.
  • No tag games on the play structure.
  • Keep at least one hand on bar at all times.
  • No climbing, sitting, or standing on top of the play structure.
  • One person on bars at a time. Go one direction only.
  • Go down the slides facing forward on your bottom only.
  •  No sitting on top of the bars at any spot on the play structure.
  • Students in grades 5-6 may be asked to leave play structure if younger students can’t access the equipment, but may always use swings.

          Swing Guidelines

  • One person at a time allowed on swing.
  • Students waiting to swing must count to 20 each swing – 1 forward and 1 back equals 1 count.
  • No count backs. You must go to a different swing after counted on.
  • No twisting, jumping from, running under, or standing on swings.
  • Swing on your bottom only facing the playground.
  • Wait away from the front of the swings.

        Soccer/ Field Guidelines

  • No tackling, slide tackling, or tripping other players – “two-hand touch” only. Tackling will result in immediate loss of play privileges.
  • No climbing or hanging on soccer nets or poles.
  • No using hands (except by goalie or for throw-ins) while playing soccer.
  • Stop play if someone is injured – resume play with a throw in.

        Football/ Field Guidelines

  • No tackling, slide tackling, or tripping other players – “two-hand touch” only. Tackling will result in immediate loss of play privileges.
  • No climbing or hanging on soccer nets or poles.
  • The game starts with one team beginning play at their own endzone.
  • Each team gets 4 downs (tries) to get to midfield or score a touchdown.  If the team reaches midfield, they get 4 more downs (tries).
    • If a team doesn’t reach midfield or the endzone in 4 downs, then the other team gets the ball and 4 tries to reach midfield or the endzone.
  • The defense must count to 7 alligators before they can try to tag the quarterback.
  • Stop play if someone is injured – restart with the next down